Valorants twelfth agent is Killjoy, a German robotics genius

Killjoy concept art

Riot Games

Finally, Killjoy’s Ultimate is a tactical Lockdown that, after a certain period, ‘detains’ enemies caught in its area of effect. Riot confirmed that the Lockdown device can be destroyed by the opposing team, though.

Killjoy’s addition to Valorant could be divisive. Riot has always insisted that the game is built around gunplay, rather than match-altering powers similar to Overwatch. Every agent has head-turning abilities, however the ones offered at launch were mostly tactical, reducing the opposition’s visibility or pressuring them to move into your weapon’s sight lines. Killjoy’s feature set, meanwhile, feels like a slight deviation from this promise. The fanbase’s reaction will undoubtedly decide if Riot continues down this route or veers back toward a straight-shooter experience like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.