These online courses help you become better at working from home

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This bundle will help you smoothly transition from an office to WFH setup.
This bundle will help you smoothly transition from an office to WFH setup.

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TL;DR: Prepare for any future transitions with the 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Bundle for $29.99, an 84% savings as of July 31. 

As work and home life continue to meld, it can be difficult to maintain boundaries, stay productive, and keep your mental health in check — especially since the COVID-19 pandemic won’t seem to let up.

But here’s the thing. Successfully working from home really just takes a few essential skills: self-motivation, communication, collaboration, and time-management. Easier said than done, right? If you need a bit of a push in the right direction, this 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Bundle can help you ace the work from home lifestyle and develop the skills you need to thrive as a remote worker.

The course collection comes from, a comprehensive and practical lifestyle e-learning platform with more than 800 courses across languages, professional, and self-development skills. It’s rated “excellent” on Trustpilot and is an accredited CPD provider, so you’ll earn a certificate of completion after every course.

Upon signing up, you’ll get access to over 100 hours of content, which will help you enhance your performance as a remote worker in just seven key steps. You’ll kick things off by using analytical thought systems and creative thinking techniques before diving into communication strategies – both of which are absolutely vital when working from a distance. 

Next, you’ll learn how to improve your time-management skills and enhance your productivity and efficiency. If you’re new to the WFH game, you know this is arguably the most difficult part. And since efficiency and productivity are very personal things, you’ll focus on finding a customized plan that works for you.  

Step five is the most in-depth of all. You’ll build out 10 key soft skills that will contribute to success in the workplace: effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, attitude and work ethic, adaptability, flexibility, self-confidence, ability to learn, and networking. You don’t want to skip this step, as soft skills are what will help you get ahead in the workplace. According to recruiters, these skills are in demand as much as hard skills.

And finally, you’ll focus on learning advanced writing skills and building a successful online business. Whether you’re newly a remote employee or are looking to make the switch on your own terms, this will certainly help you succeed.

Hack the WFH lifestyle with the help of this course collection, which is on sale for more than 80% off. Sign up for just $29.99 (regularly $199) for a limited time.