The 10 Best Deals of October 8, 2020

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It’s October 8, and we at Kinja Deals are here bringing you the top 10 best deals, deals, and also deals. So you can pay your bills—telephone bills auto bills, and then maybe you can chill. Snag a new pair of sneakers to replace your old ones. Prepare for the second wave by saving a package of toilet paper. And say goodbye to aluminum filled personal care products with Native deodorant.

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If you want to play your music hands-free in your car then you’re in luck! For a low, low $20, Prime members can connect to the Alexa app on your phone and jam out through your vehicle’s speakers via auxiliary or Bluetooth. The Echo Auto has eight microphones so it can hear your voice through loud noises throughout the duration of your trip. You’ll also be able to stream Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and other services with the sound of your voice.

Speaking of Amazon Music, you can snatch up a free 6-month subscription with your Echo Auto for the same price—just bear in mind it will auto-renew when the 6 months are up, so you may want to head into your settings and turn that “feature” off if you’re not sure whether you’ll keep it after the trial is over. I would grab this deal before it slips away!

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher.

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your temperature (or anyone else’s) without touching, you should look into this infrared forehead thermometer. It measures the heat coming off you in about a second for the best possible reading. You can also use it in the ear. It’s only $26, which is about $34 off the original list price. I would grab it before it’s gone.

This article was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

It’s the happiest time of year. Pumpkins are on stoops, leaves are changing color, and the temperature is dropping. This means the fall wardrobe is in full swing. If you need to bulk up on cozy sweaters, warm flannels, and stylish boots you’re in luck. Starting today and going through Sunday take 40% off anything in the sale section at Anthropologie.

Speaking of cozy sweaters, the Carly sweater ($42) is 64% off, colorful, and is an acrylic/wool blend. The soft pastels will look great with jeans or leggings for ultimate comfort in cool climates. You could even layer this will a button-down underneath for a dressier look. Either way, this is one autumn essential you can check off the list.

An extra pair of sneakers is always a good idea and these Platform ones from Harper ($54) are very much on-trend. This style is coming back so these are a win-win. Being fashion-forward and saving money is the ultimate goal. Cushioned, a suede/leather combo, and they come in three different colors to match with your already chic wardrobe.

The centerpiece of many a Sunday Funday is leggings. Throw a big sweatshirt or sweater over a black pair and you are good to hang at brunch or lounge while watching football. This is the height of snuggly. These ones from Free People are top quality, come in four colors, and are well over 50% off the original price.

Free shipping on all orders over $50.

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Bra Bearies CBD | $23 | Sunday Scaries | Promo Code ESINV25

Bra Bearies CBD | $23 | Sunday Scaries | Promo Code ESINV25
Graphic: The Inventory

Folks, let me tell you, Sunday Scaries CBD makes a difference, and I’m not just saying that because we get a cut of the sales. I’ve been taking everything from oil droppers, gummies, and “Unicorn Jerky” for months now as a substitute for the, uhh, other substances I started to depend on during lockdown, and it’s made a huge difference. Gummies, of course, are the most fun way to enjoy a healthy dose of CBD—especially when they’re strawberry flavored and infused with vitamin C for an extra boost of immunity. For a limited time you can see what I mean for 25% less than you’d normally pay off the shelf using our exclusive promo code ESINV25, bringing your grand total to just $23.

Since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for every purchase made, Sunday Scaries donates $2 to The Pink Agenda, a nonprofit organization devoted to breast cancer research fundraising and raising awareness for the disease. Chill out while supporting a good cause and take advantage of this deal sooner rather than later, as this deal only lasts a limited time.

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With Cyberpunk 2077 going gold, there are no more delays to fear. If you’re on PC and ready to dive into what’s undoubtedly the biggest game of the generation so far (at least as far as hype and expectations are concerned), you’ll want to head to Eneba and place a pre-order with exclusive code KINJA25. That’ll get you a digital copy redeemable at GOG (activation instructions here) for just $46, one of the lowest pre-order prices we’ve seen yet for Cyberpunk 2077 on any platform.

Unlike Geralt of the ancient (and totally fictitious) land of Rivia, Cyberpunk takes us into a not-so-distant future where guys good and bad are yoked up with cybernetic enhancements. Life is generally fine until it’s discovered there’s a prototypical component that grants immortality to whoever has it installed, and, of course, all hell breaks loose to secure it.

Cyberpunk 2077 was originally set to be out this Spring and was once delayed until September, but it since suffered another delay to November 19, 2020. But no worries: that date won’t change from here on out.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

For a short time, you can get a case of Scott toilet paper for 50% off the original list price. Yes, that means you won’t run out like back in March when no one was buying food, but everyone was buying stuff to wipe their asses with. The case comes with 80 rolls for about $54, and each roll has 550 sheets of 2-ply! So really, your butt will be softly caressed for months to come. Hopefully, you have a place to put em. And, if you need to wipe your hands, you can grab some matching towels while you’re here.

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher.

If you need a second screen on the road, you don’t want to be lugging an entire monitor around, but when they’re portable like this 15″ Acer, that’s a non-issue. Now $130 ($50 off), you’re getting a 1080p IPS display with a respectable 7ms response time. There’s just one catch: this one is USB-C only, so you’ll need a modern smartphone, laptop, or tablet that uses USB-C for video out, particularly one that supports DisplayPort Alt mode. Check your hardware to ensure it’ll work before ordering.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.

Whether you have a want to keep an eye on a new puppy or just check in on a senior pooch a pet cam can be a handy tool. This one from Netvue is 15% off right now.

It has a full coverage of 1080P HD resolution and beams a sharp clear image right to your phone to ease your mind if you have a fussy new doggo. I don’t know if the two-way audio is a blessing or a curse to say hello and confuse your pet. But you could use this feature to scold them if they are making a chew toy out of the throw pillows. It has smart motion technology so you’ll only be alerted when there is movement and you don’t need to keep the feed up. It supports night vision and even lets you save footage so if Fido does something particularly naughty or cute, probably both, you can share and revisit. This camera can also be used for a new baby but honestly checking in on an active pupper is probably more fun than a sleeping child.

Free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

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Air Fryers are such a wild trend and just when I think it’s time has passed a deal like this pops up and everyone goes crazy. In all seriousness, my pals who have one love it. If you’re in the hunt this Bella Pro Series model is half off today only at Best Buy.

This 4.3-quart touchscreen air fryer is powerful and efficient to turn all your goods crispy and evenly cooked. The heat tech also makes sure you aren’t wasting energy as it preheats much fast than other fryers and convection ovens on the market. Although it might seem small it can handle almost four pounds of food at a time, so if you’re thinking of making a ton of french fries the Bella Pro can take it. There’s auto-shutoff after thirty minutes so no fear about accidentally leaving it on. This fryer is easy to clean because the pan and tray can go in the dishwasher. It’s simple to use for frying, broiling, roasting, reheating, and even dehydrating with very little oil. Literally savings all around. Plenty of new things to try once get this appliance in your kitchen.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

Ooooooweeee, you’re musty. If you’ve been putting off showering because you can’t find a gentle soap, check out Native’s Gold Box today. You’ll get up to 30% off their natural hygiene products. The vegan deodorant is especially important, because nothing’s worse than chemicals burning your pits up, and you can get three in a pack for $25. The body wash comes in a similar package for $17, and it does have a few nasties in the ingredients list, but Native’s formula is much more friendly to your skin than your average.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer.