TCL’s next 6 Series TV has a THX-certified gaming mode

TCL has collaborated with THX on the next edition of its 6 Series TV with a Certified Game Mode, continuing the company’s recent foray into gaming technology. Both companies say the pairing of TCL’s “superior visuals” and THX’s “world-class” technology make gaming on the new 6 Series even more immersive, according to a statement from TCL.

THX first announced the partnership with TCL and the advent of Certified Game Mode at this year’s CES. But we now know more about the 6 Series TV and what Certified Game Mode means for it. The device earned THX Certification, meaning it underwent more than 400 tests ensuring high fidelity of color, tone and images, the statement said. TCL and THX engineers collaborated to adjust the device’s white balance, luminance, black levels and gamma.