Show Me Your Nerd: Meet the Black Bill Nye

The educational system is broken. From Spencer Garland’s point of view, the current schooling system focuses on a “white-centered vision that tends to dominate traditional schooling and the art industry at large…” Unsatisfied by this, Spencer started BrendaArts, an art program that speaks on “…How the student’s identity intersects with graphic design, fashion, music, and cinema while leaving room for them to express themselves in the visual arts.”

One of the ways he attempts to actualize the children is by making his show, Brenda LAB. Based on shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Garland takes us through an early-2000s aesthetic while teaching us about topics such as ‘Afrofuturism. BrendaLAB is as bold, exciting, and informative as any show for children!

BrendaArts is a non-profit and needs funding to continue. If you wish to donate, please click here.