Model building kits are about to be your next at-home obsession

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Keep your kids entertained at home.
Keep your kids entertained at home.

Image: Arckit

You and the kiddos have already put together and taken apart every puzzle you own more than once and you’ve stepped on so many LEGOs you’re ready to toss them in the trash. What’s next for your stay-at-home 2020 lifestyle? 

Since bikes are sold out almost everywhere and it’s approximately one million degrees in many parts of the country, maybe opt for something like these Arckit Model Building Kits. Dubbed as the “architect’s LEGO,” these model kits will let you build anything from football stadiums to houses to cityscapes. They’re fun for adults and kids alike, and there are specific kits to suit every age and skill level. Better yet, they’re all on sale.

Welcome to your next social distancing obsession.

An Architeizer A+ award winner, this set comes with all the components and templates you need to build your very own 3D sports arena. Whether you’re a basketball, hockey, or boxing fan, this kit comes with four field cards for six different sports, an array of stickers (audience, scoreboards, etc.) to customize your stadium as you see fit, a step-by-step instruction booklet with five different stadium designs, and over 235 “freeform” components to enable multiple stadium builds. You can get this building kit for just $137.99 (regularly $149.99) when you use the code STADIUM12 at checkout.

Go Plus 2.0 Kids Architect Scale Model House Building Kit

This open-ended design for kids lets them explore practically endless building design possibilities using bespoke components. The set comes with over 160 pieces, 25 unique components for creative city builds, a starter guide instruction sheet, adhesive graphics to add realistic finishes to structures, two A5 pre-printed adhesive graphic sheets, and free access to Arckit’s online texture library. Use coupon code HOUSEKIT6 at checkout to get this product for $53 (usually $59.99).

With this Cityscape scale model building kit, your kids can explore their creativity by building their very own modern mini town or city. There are 160 soft pastel-colored pieces and a mix of 23 iconic architectural shapes from around the world. There’s also a step-by-step starter guide, a high-quality reusable box for storing the pieces when not in use, and free access to Arckit’s online texture library for more external finishes. Use the coupon code CITY17 at checkout and get it for only $52 (usually $69.99) for a limited time. 

This more advanced freeform architectural modeling kit is more for teens and adults, but the kids can still help. With over 230 pieces and 29 unique components, you’ll appreciate the high-quality component tray that comes with it to sort and arrange. This set also comes with five pre-printed adhesive graphic texture sheets, five blank adhesive sheets for you to personalize, an instruction guide, and access to the online library of extra textures. You can bring practically any architectural idea to life with structures up to 960 square feet and truly release your inner architect. Get it for just $69.95 (usually $99.95) when you use the code SCALE30 at checkout.

For your littlest ones, this modeling kit is for ages four and up and lets them get in on the fun of creating towering skyscrapers, bustling roads, calming parks, and more. It’s an open-ended little city building kit with over 130 colorful pieces and 32 unique components, a starter guide, and free access to more textures online. Use the coupon code BUILDINGKIT5 at checkout and get it for just $44.

For ages eight and up, this colorful kit lets your kids create a 3D model of a contemporary miniature house. It’s a fun way for your little ones to learn design skills early. There are large floor plates with over 160 easy “click and connect” pieces and 25 unique components, plus a starter guide instruction sheet, free access to Arckit’s online texture library, and more step-by-step builds available online. Use the coupon code HOUSEKIT6 at checkout to get this kit for $53.