LAFC will offer stadium goers on-field audio via their phones

For as much as cable networks have worked to improve the at-home sports viewing experience in recent years, there’s still nothing quite like traveling to your local stadium to see your hometown team play. But you do give up on things like play-by-play announcements when you make the trip. A company called Mixhalo wants to give sports fans the best of both worlds. The startup, which was co-founded by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, signed a deal this week with the Los Angeles Football Club to equip the team’s Banc of California Stadium with its wireless audio technology.

“The idea is to transport someone in the back row down to the action on the field,” Einziger said of the tech to Axios. With the Mixhalo app installed on your phone and a pair of headphones at the ready, you’ll be able to listen to play-by-play audio, Spanish language radio and exclusive content from goals and the 3252 fan section while you’re in the stands.