Apples latest acquisition uses AI to figure out whats in your videos

As Bloomberg suggests, Apple could leverage the tech Vilynx was working on in a number of ways. An obvious compliment is Photos where Vilynx’s software could make the app’s search functionality more robust, especially when it comes to videos. Apple’s TV and News app would benefit in a similar way, as would Siri. Another possibility, particularly given the recent chatter Apple is working on a search engine to satisfy antitrust regulators, is that the tech could help with a Google Search competitor. 

When you add Apple’s other recent AI-related acquisitions, it’s clear the company wants to get every edge it can in the field. And understandably so. It’s easy to forget Apple launched Siri before Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Despite that early start, most would consider the AI and the company’s tech a step behind Google’s offerings. And that’s not a good position to be in when AI is instrumental to so many modern products.