Amazons personal shopping subscription now includes mens fashion

“Some of the top motivators men asked to use this service for include convenience of having someone else shop for them, help putting together outfits, improvement of their existing wardrobe and guidance to keep up with trends,” Amazon said.

Personal Shopper is direct rival to Stitch Fix, but the pricing works in a slightly different way. While the latter charges a $20 stylist fee that’s credited toward any items you try and keep, Amazon’s service is a flat $5 per month. Personal Shopper also lets you preview picks before they arrive, but you won’t know what Stitch Fix sent until open the box.

The service may be useful during the pandemic, as you can try on items without the need to visit busy retail locations. If you’d rather not pay a fee, the regular Amazon Prime Wardrobe service still lets you try on up to eight items for a seven-day period, but the try-on option isn’t available for many popular designer brands.