All the Times We Hacked Each Others Lives in 2020

What to Do If a Friend Comes to You With an Exciting New (MLM) Opportunity — Elizabeth Yuko

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Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought with it a sea of multi-level-marketing bullshit artists looking to profit from people who are doing their very best to scrape by. I’m talking about you, Beachbody; you too, people hawking sticker nail art; and if tupperware or knife parties are still a thing, add them to the list.

It’s been really unpleasant to watch some of my friends get drawn into this stuff, because they’re not only having to pay way more for things that aren’t that high-quality (or even healthy), but then they’re turning around and pitching all this crap across their social media feeds. It’s depressing, but I don’t blame them per se; I blame the people up top who have made it their life’s mission to get rich on the backs of others. It’s insidious, and I just want to forward this article, by our trusted freelancer Elizabeth Yuko, to everyone I know in the hopes that it’ll help. —David Murphy, senior technology editor