A Faraday Future prototype hits the auction block

Faraday Future has yet to produce a production vehicle. The company burst out of nowhere in 2015 with wild claims of upsetting the electric vehicle market ruled by Tesla. That hasn’t happened yet, either. Instead, the company has fallen flat with its founder declaring personal bankruptcy, the company losing most of its founding team, and it has yet to secure enough capital to produce production vehicles.

Along the way, Faraday Future managed to produce several prototypes, and one of them is available for sale soon through an auction. It’s said that the example up for auction is the same one that Faraday Future speed tested to run to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. It’s also the same vehicle that the company used to race in the challenging Pike’s Peak race. The auction listing also says that, at one time, the EPA rated the vehicle with a 378-mile range.

The prototype’s interior is bare with limited fit and finish. The seats are bolted to the floorboards and the door panels are covered in the same material as used on the floor. But that said, there’s a steering wheel and a large screen, but it’s unclear if the screen works.

Image Credits: Worldwide Auctioneers

Obviously this is not a car someone should buy for use as a daily driver. Or to drive at all. There’s no warranty.

Early prototypes are often highly coveted by vehicle collectors. They tell stories and carry different provenance than production vehicles. At one time Faraday Future was the loudest rival of Tesla. The California-based startup made wild claims, which never seemed to materialize in a substantial fashion, and that seems to be the case still in 2020. Because of that, this prototype will likely become an interesting footnote in the history of electric vehicles rather a priceless vehicle akin to the first Model T.