10 Reasons Paramount+ Is a Streaming TV Paradise

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Screenshot: Ren & Stimpy/Nickelodeon

I know, I know, who needs another new streaming service in 2021, right? But Paramount+, which launched today, isn’t technically new—it’s just a beefed-up version of CBS All Access, augmented to take advantage of all the synergy created by the 2019 merger between CBS and Paramount Pictures’ parent Viacom.

As we explained a few weeks back, this turns Paramount+ into a streaming hub for a whole firehose of Viacom content, including a bunch of existing and upcoming original series (36 this year!), a huge library of Paramount movies (2,500 at launch, with some high profile 2021 theatrical releases, joining the service 45 days after they hit the big screen), and a whole lotta live sports (March Madness ahoy).

If you’re a TV fan in particular, it’s worth taking note: At launch, the service’s catalog encompasses programming from CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, and more. These disparate networks encompass a lot of great, genre-spanning TV shows, and now they are all available in one place, for around $5 a month (or $10 if you can’t deal with limited commercial breaks).

Is it enough to get you to pony up? Well, I did (though, full disclosure, I took advantage of a pre-launch 50% off promotion), and this slideshow provides evidence as to why.